(For all you guys who love advertising, or watched Mad Men, you might be thinking about one particular advert in the 60’s  when looking at the title - the awesome, classic Volkswagen Beetle advert which revolutionised advertising with minimalism. Search it on Google, it’s awesome. )

This really amazing packaging makes lemon juice a must have. Not bad for Lidl! It actually has a lemon skin texture, which is really cool. AND it’s affordable! Eating pancakes with lemon and sugar will never be the same again.

Tea Time!

I made tea for my family today, and they love to choose a different flavour each. So I was making the teas, and then… WOAH. They’re so colourful! I should start doing tea art. 

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Crazy Camels

After a visit to Knowsley Safari Park, camels are DEFINATELY one of my favourite animals. Why would anyone want horses? Camels are so much better. 

A crazy camel showing off its sexy humps. And yes, it’s standing in the middle of a road. It’s so cool.