Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

I haven’t posted for a little while… well, for about a month.

Sorry. I suck at blogging. 

But here I am again, throwing even more pictures at your faces, this time from a bonfire night that I went to yesterday! I got some really cool pictures of fireworks, but seriously, these pictures don’t do justice of how massive and amazing the display was - it’s quite hard to capture a firework display with a photograph. Probably if I filmed it, it would have been easier.

This picture is probably my favourite. At first I thought that the man’s head ruined the whole picture, but instead it brought a new feel to it, and you can draw a lot of ideas from it.

These fireworks look like razor blades. Or like they were scratched into the sky. Crazy stuff.

Last but not least, the amazing finish to the 30-minute ‘let’s explode the sky’ display! It became really foggy afterwards - not surprised really. Probably the smoke from the fireworks mixed with an actual fog and made our car drive through a massive bowl of pea soup on our way home. It was flipping scary.